Six Word Friday: PURPLE


When You Are Violet, Not Purple

The difference between violet and purple
is that violet appears in the
visible light spectrum, or rainbow, whereas
purple is simply a mix of
red and blue. Violet has the
highest vibration in the visible spectrum.*

Nothing is mixed to get violet.

As a color, it stands alone.

My name is Maureen Violet Champion.
My mother was Violet Elizabeth Kelley.
Neither of us could explain Violet
Before watching laughing backs dance away.

*Color definition from


8 thoughts on “Six Word Friday: PURPLE

  1. Both of these colors, violet and purple, are favorite colors of mine as is one left out, lavender. How lovely that you and your mother share a color in your names and ourple would have not sounded as nice.


  2. Oh I love this post – my favorite of all the Six Words Fridays I’ve ever read. Maybe I should change my name – I could be JoAnna Violet – that would be so neat. Does JB want to be a Violet too or is she completely satisfied to be the one and only JB?


  3. What a lovely middle name, and glad that’s it’s been kept in the family. I have violets growing outside my house in the spring, and it was my grandfather’s favorite scent. My middle name in Virginia, and it’s also Kelsea’s middle name – it was the middle name of both of my grandmothers as well. If she ever has a daughter, I hope she keeps the tradition going. Hugs to you and Josephine.


  4. so interesting, i did not know….for me, it’s a wide spectrum of what i consider to be purple!!!! violet is an awesome middle name!!!!


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