SixWord Friday: FIND and FINDED

I trying to find my self.

Finded front…but where back go??




15 thoughts on “SixWord Friday: FIND and FINDED

    1. Hi Miriam! Now, I must eat you know, I have no idea what Ray wrote in the card. I had set a few aside to do myself, and the next thing I know, a card to you is winging its way to Australia! How Funny!! Well, it’s a big world. Maybe it’s still Christmas somewhere? LOL! m & jb (who says she would have most certainly put “Inglind” on the envelope)


  1. The sweetest thing ever! πŸ™‚ I’m encourage to hear that you also have followed a gluten free diet – I will start sharing some recipes that I find tasty and good on my blog, as I get more experience – so we can inspire one another πŸ™‚


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