Six Word Friday: DRINK


“I never drink coffee at lunch.

I find it keeps me awake

for the afternoon”.  ~President Ronald Reagan


Coffee-wink gif at


15 thoughts on “Six Word Friday: DRINK

  1. Hello dear Maureen! Thank you for the wink this morning 🙂 Your coffee is quite cute and made me smile. I love coffee and I love naps so maybe that means I get the best of both worlds *smiles*

    Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs to you


  2. Oh Maureen, that threw me of guard at first! Kinda creepy, but then it grows on you and becomes quite cute.
    The quote is cute, yes, he must have been a napper. Good for him! 🙂
    I love a cup of coffee in the morning. My grandmother will be 98 this year and she believed a black cup of coffee every day was good for you. So, I try and do as she does.
    Happy week end to you!
    Joy! Debbie


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