Six Word Friday: Mirror


A Mirror Neuron* I have come

to see, is the basis of

empathy. Monkey see, monkey do? True!

* * * * * *

*A mirror neuron is a neuron

that fires both when an animal

acts and when the animal observes

the same action performed by another.

Definition: Wikipedia



14 thoughts on “Six Word Friday: Mirror

  1. Awww, so very sweet. ❤

    We have two cats… Penny, who we call Pennymaker, and Maisy who's full name is Maisy Daze Sweet Potato Purr Muffin. I came up with her name in such a random way not long after we adopted her and she certainly has the loudest purr I've ever heard from a cat. lol My 5 year-old daughter loves calling her by her full name and it gives her the giggles every time. 🙂


  2. Ein so interessantes Foto mit einem aufklärendem Text, das hast du ganz super gemacht.:-)
    Danke für deinen Beitrag. !
    Ein wunderschönes Wochenende wünscht dir


  3. I have never heard of mirror neurons and now I have learned something new! Such a sweet photo, too. My rescue dog imitates his doggie companion to learn socialization, so I think they are using their mirror neurons! I’ll put your new blog address on my roll, sweet friend. Hugs xo Karen


  4. Hi me again, sorry but I deleted the post with your e-mail address so this is the only way I could answer your question. Yes we have more cats then Spooky-boo. We have 5 others that live here and one that lives over at my moms next door. Plus we take care of about 4 neighborhood cats as well.


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