For Those Who Wonder What I Look Like…

…here is a rather blurry-but-nice photo taken Saturday evening. I am on the right. The person on the left in the grey strapless gown is my sister-in-law, Jill, the Mother of the Bride.


14 thoughts on “For Those Who Wonder What I Look Like…

  1. Hello Maureen,
    You are such a beautiful lady.
    Thank you for visiting my space, your comment on a compassionate heart was just beautiful. How wonderful that you are able to give of yourself in the lives of others.
    Gods blessings to you.
    Joy! Debbie


  2. So you had a wedding on Saturday too. My grand-daughter got married on Saturday and my son took a good photograph of me – I shall ask him if I can use it to update my blog photo. It is nice to put the face to the name in your case.


  3. So nice to see you,Maureen. It is really nice to put a face behind a blog name and we have come to enjoy doing so more often to let folks know who we are and what we look like. Hope all had a good time at the wedding.


  4. awww, you have such a warm and beautiful smile!!! and lots of hair….i have very little but it's very easy for me to manage!!!

    it's a great picture, to bad it's blurry!!!


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